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Living with an Open Heart

Please come and join us at Cammeray Yoga for a program about LIVING WITH AN OPEN HEART

Would you like to explore how you may be able to connect more authentically with yourself and with others?

It is part of the human condition to long for genuine, openhearted connection with other people and ourselves.” Heather Plett

Together we will examine and play with what it means to be “Living with an Open Heart” and the related choices you can make to bring more richness and closeness into all your relationships.  Many of us go through each day (week, month….) feeling like we’d like “more” from our relationships – usually thinking that we need to put more into them! But how can we make that happen? What does that look like? Or feel like? These and other questions will be creatively explored through gentle movement, breath practices, guided mediation, simple art activities, reflection, journalling and more.

TIME: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
COST: $85 
(In circumstances of financial constraints, special consideration may be given. Please contact us if this applies.)
TEACHER: Lucy Karnani

Is this for me?

 This is a program that is available to everyone. Absolutely no yoga experience or knowledge is necessary. All are welcome!

The approach will be both intentional and playful with the aim to stimulate your thinking about how you want to BE in this life, especially in regard to your relationships.

You will come away having explored what it means to you to be Living with an Open Heart. Hint: there is no “one way”, but by coming into community and sharing our ideas you may be introduced to some new and exciting ways to add more authenticity, joy and LOVE into your life.

Who should come? Anyone who is seeking deeper connection with others and themselves. And those who would like to be able to experience the felt-sense of opening their hearts in their relationships.

This will be a highly participatory few hours where your curiosity will be encouraged to explore different ways of being in relationship in your life.

About Lucy Karnani

Lucy KarnaniLucy has been studying with a variety of teachers from Australia, USA and Canada for many years from whom she has been blessed to gain experience and insight into how to lead and facilitate self-explorational discussions and activities. She has shared her expertise in Conscious Communication, Yoga as a life’s guiding path and Intentional Self-Compassion practices for the last 25 years with individuals from countries and cultures all over the world. Her approach is both encouraging and inclusive – and many say…fun! She is passionate about helping others to more effectively and consciously connect with their families, friends, communities, as well as themselves.

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