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The focus for Cammeray Yoga is all about the people who live in this vibrant part of the lower north shore, through yoga events, community classes, short yoga courses and celebrating the diversity of our business neighbours on Miller St and the residents of this area.

Breathing is the heart of yoga practice. Yes we love the asana and all the benefits this physical part of the practice can bring, but at the end of the day, I think it’s fair to say that that extra element people are often looking for when they slip their shoes off and roll out their mat, is a connection to something very still and centered. Breath has the capacity to steady and soothe, or to fortify and energize. Amazing stuff. And we make a focus on breath the epicentre of our teaching here.

We would love to share our breath-centered yoga classes with you. Come down and connect with Cammeray Yoga, your community studio and try one of our 20 themed classes, from Sunrise to Restorative, from Pregnancy to our very popular kids classes. There are just so many options.


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