Cammeray YogaOur Focus

At Cammeray Yoga we are passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of Yoga in context to our modern and diverse needs. Ultimately ones Yoga practice is about bringing balance for a healthy and harmonious life. We are a collaboration of experienced Yoga Teachers offering community group classes, short yoga courses, private yoga sessions and special events. We celebrate the diversity of our community and welcome everyone to our Yoga space.

Yoga is essentially a practice to bring about ease- Ease in the body, Ease in the mind = Ease in living. A tool for bringing about ease is through conscious breathing. Therefore breathing is at the heart of the yoga practice. Yes- we love the postures (asana) and all the benefits this physical part of the practice can bring, but at the end of the day, I think it’s fair to say that extra element people are often looking for when they slip their shoes off and roll out their mat, is a connection to something steady, still and centered. Connecting with the Breath has the capacity to for an array of balancing effects to steady and soothe, or to fortify and energize- it is an amazing tool in our practice. Come to our classes and see how we … Just breathe ….

We would love to share our breath-centered yoga classes with you. Join us, be curious, open and connect with Cammeray Yoga- a dedicated yoga space.

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