Cammeray Yoga offers a boutique range of yoga classes and courses – different types of classes for different people’s needs.

We specialise in a personalised, breath-centred approach to yoga, and our classes are small and personal.  This allows the yoga teacher to develop an understanding of each person’s unique needs, and the classes are then tailored to the needs of the students present. We encourage and teach people a common-sense approach to yoga practice that is based on the foundation principle of all Yoga: the viniyoga of Yoga (Yoga Sutras III:6).

What does this mean? Yoga works best when each person develops their own knowledge and experience of how various approaches and techniques of yoga can help him or her the most, at that time. In our classes, we aim to educate, rather than just instruct. This is not a “style” of yoga, nor an “eclectic” approach. It is based on classical teachings of great yoga masters and teachers such as T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar, with whom Michael de Manincor (Founder and Director of Cammeray Yoga and The Yoga Institute) studied and practiced for many years.

All teachers at Cammeray Yoga have the highest standards of training and professional development, and are registered with Yoga Australia, the peak body of the yoga teaching profession in Australia.

Yoga Class Descriptions


General Yoga Classes
These classes are for Yoga students who have some experience of the basics of Yoga postures and breath awareness. No advanced booking is required.
See timetable below for class times.

*Please note timetable (or classes) is subject to change and our ‘live’ timetable (scroll down below) should be checked*

Experienced or Intermediate level yoga classes simply means yoga classes for people who have more experience, rather than beginners. These classes may or may not include more difficult and challenging postures, sequences and techniques. More specifically, they are for more experienced students (and yoga teachers), who know themselves and their yoga practice well enough, and have a greater awareness of how different yoga techniques might be helpful to them or not, and how to change, adapt, or modify various techniques to gain the most benefit. That is, students who are familiar and experienced with the concept of the viniyoga and can modify their own practice to best suit their own needs, and optimise the benefits of the yoga class.

Pregnancy Yoga
Our pre-natal yoga classes are dedicated to supporting your well-being during pregnancy and beyond.

Yoga for Healing : (Register your interest)
Gentle class week-day class for those experiencing chronic pain and health issues.

Mindful Movement
This yoga practice that will restore the mind to balance after your busy week. Using simple vinyasa sequences, references to The Yoga Sutras and breath, we reconnect to create a deep connection to who we are.

Sunday Session
By the end of our busy weekends we can get so wound up, that facing Monday morning can seem quite daunting. Unpack the weekend, breathe it away & prepare for the new week ahead in this class focused on balance, restoration & a gentle energising.


*$25: Casual drop-in ( available for all Classes)

*$220: 10 Class Card (valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

*$160: Concession 10 Class Card (valid for 3 months from date of purchase) (F/T student or Centrelink concession card required)

*$135:  Prenatal Course– 6 weeks (initial class maybe a drop-in, then register for 6-weeks)

Private Yoga Lessons 
$145: Initial Consultations
$110: Private Yoga Session
$320: 3 x Sessions (including initial consultation) 

$195: Yoga Therapy, Psychology and/or Counselling sessions with Michael de Manincor (Counselling Psychologist & Yoga Therapist). Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebates may be available.

*Prices include GST

Current Timetable

Click here to download our current timetable

Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts.

*Please note timetable (or classes) is subject to change and our ‘live’ timetable (scroll down below) should be checked*

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