Liz Morgan


Liz’s philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and not just for the young, fit and flexible!

Liz teaches yoga with a classical approach, following in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. A gentle, mindful, breath-focused yoga practice, which is not competitive, nor is it achievement based. She practices flowing movements and postures along with breathing techniques and relaxation that help to build strength, increase flexibility and improve overall wellbeing.

Liz has always been interested in holistic and natural therapies; my background is in the beauty and wellness industry, where she has worked as a remedial massage therapist, spa therapist and educator.

Yoga has been part of her life for the past 20 years; she has practiced different styles of yoga, first for general fitness and relaxation, and later also to help ease her chronic back pain. It was the back pain that kept her coming back for more over the years and she says that yoga has taught her to be gentle, patient and compassionate.

As Liz has deepened her yoga practice, engaging in a more disciplined approach, she has became interested in the history and philosophy of yoga. Liz completed the Diploma of Yoga Studies & Teacher Training at the Yoga Institute and is now sharing her experience and passion for yoga with others.


Join Liz at the following class:

Thursday – Sunrise Yoga –  7am to 8.15am

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