Lucy Karnani


Lucy brings and warmth and humour to her classes that helps students feel comfortable and welcome, no matter what their experience with yoga. She has practised and studied yoga for over 15 years, completing her first teacher qualification in 2010 with Kripalu Yoga in the USA. Since returning to Australia in 2011 she has continued her studies, including gaining her Advanced Diploma with The Yoga Institute, is in the process of completing the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program with Ganesh Mohan, plus she continues her studies with Kripalu as part of a unique Acharya Intensive program. She also teaches in the Yoga Institute’s Teacher Training program.

From deep personal experience Lucy loves to teach those who are challenged by pain – whether due to injury or chronic illness. She passionately believes that by practising Yoga, in whatever form is available to an individual, healing will occur. Her “Gentle Yoga for Healing” classes are popular with all ages and those with variable physical capability.


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