Rosie Caunt


Senior Yoga Teacher. Teacher Trainer. Yoga Therapist. Palliative Care Support

For over 25 years, Rosie has been a passionate and integral part of yoga as both a yoga instructor teacher and private practitioner. Rosie’s specialty is Yoga Therapy, helping people to cope, manage and thrive amidst some of life’s more pressing challenges.

With a deep understanding of yoga, kinesiology and natural therapies, Rosie draws upon ancient breathing and movement techniques and the philosophy contained in age-old Yoga Sutras to nurture a harmonious and balanced body and mind. Her style and approach is simple to understand and easy to follow. It is all aligned with what students want to achieve and what they are willing, and wanting, to do.

Following the lineage of TKV Desikachar, Rosie holds private one-on-one sessions as well as small classes to meet the needs of her students, encouraging them to work at their own level and pace.
Whilst taking yoga and the yoga therapy sessions seriously, Rosie embraces a balance setting with lightness, a sense of humour and fun. Rosie’s classes are suited to any age and ability.

​Qualifications & Experience

Teaching Certificate from Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation
BED(hons), Kinesiologist,
Diploma in Health (Yoga)
Over 1000 Teacher Training and 240 Yoga Therapy hours
Facilitator for Women’s Circle work.

Previously taught at Macquarie University Sydney (early childhood advisor) 25 years school teaching and special education teaching.


Mental health,  back care, seniors, palliative care, mindfulness, cancer support recovery, chronic pain and women’s health.

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