Annie Kirkman

Annie was lucky enough to be introduced to yoga by her mother – so for well over twenty years she dipped in and out of a range of styles and yogic approaches.





Brigette Keeble

Brigette has been teaching yoga for 4 years and practicing for over 15. She loves to work with students to explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga to promote a healthy body and mind.





Cheryl Whitcomb

Cheryl is passionate about the ancient tradition of yoga and believes it is a powerful and comprehensive system of self-transformation.




Gill Kamsler Gil

Yoga practice has been a dynamic part of my life since my late teens. It has offered me the supporting philosophy and tools to help navigate the challenges of career, health and family.





Kirstie Christensen

Having been practicing for over 20 years and teaching for 4 years, Kirstie loves to work with students to explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga to promote a healthy body and mind.



Len Gillespie


Health and stress issues forced Len to seriously reassess his lifestyle and, having used a natural diet focus along with the many tools of Yoga, has radically transformed his health allowing him to begin a new chapter in his life.




Lindsey Bailie

Lindsey loves the quiet space yoga offers her mind and believes that the yoga poses are just the fun icing on the cake.  In Lindsey’s class expect some quiet time and freedom to explore and experience the present moment taking just what you need from each class.





Lisa Grauaug

Lisa’s experience in Yoga began in 1995. Immediately she was excited by the extent of what Yoga offered her personally, and to others. Her understanding and personal practice has since been strongly influenced by the teachings as translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.




Louise Kiddell

Louise is passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga in ways that are accessible to all. For Louise, yoga is a vehicle for deepening awareness and connection. She enjoys inviting people to experience the ways yoga can benefit their lives and observing transformations occur.




Liz Morgan

Liz teaches yoga with a classical approach, following in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. A gentle, mindful, breath-focused yoga practice, which is not competitive, nor is it achievement based. She practices flowing movements and postures along with breathing techniques and relaxation that help to build strength, increase flexibility and improve overall wellbeing.




Lucy KarnaniLucy

Lucy brings and warmth and humour to her classes that helps students feel comfortable and welcome, no matter what their experience with yoga.  She passionately believes that by practising Yoga, in whatever form is available to an individual, healing will occur.




Michael De Manicor

Michael is passionate about educating the community on the benefits of quality yoga, and supporting the highest professional standards for yoga teachers. Michael is  currently completing PhD research in the area of Yoga and mental health.




Michela CaselliMichela 

Michela started practicing yoga while she was studying at university. When Michela moved to Australia, she left her former career in order to follow her passion for yoga.




Natalie Natalie Bowcutt

Natalie is dedicated to continuous study into the true nature of yoga teachings. Her vivacious nature and colourful enthusiasm for life offer a unique and open approach to traditional teaching, creating a supportive, fun and non-judgemental space to grow.




Phoebe Collins

Phoebe fell in love with yoga in 2004 when she was completing her final exams at school, and soon went on to train as a yoga teacher. Phoebe continues her journey of discovering more about the body, mind and spirit.




Rosie Caunt

For over 25 years, Rosie has been a passionate and integral part of yoga as both a

yoga instructor teacher and private practitioner. Rosie’s specialty is Yoga Therapy, helping people to cope, manage and thrive amidst some of life’s more pressing challenges.







Ruth Wastie-Pero

Ruth teaches classical breath centred Yoga to small groups. Building on her own experience of the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, raising children, medical treatments and menopause.  Ruth is an empathetic, intuitive and mindful teacher, with a single-minded goal of guiding people at their own pace to experience Yoga.





Ute Koehler Ute

Ute’s passion for Yoga started 10 years ago. She soon developed a love for this ancient practice. Ute’s understanding of Yoga and her personal practice have since been strongly influenced by the classical Yoga teachings as translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.




** All teachers at Cammeray Yoga are graduates of The Yoga Institute, and registered yoga teachers with Yoga Australia. **

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