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Yoga by Design

Your way to a Personalised Yoga Practice

Finding Yoga classes are not quite for you?

You are keen to get assistance to establish your own practice ?

Are you working with specific health concerns?

Not enough time for Yoga classes?

Develop your own personalised Yoga practice 

With Yoga by Design you learn from a highly qualified and experienced Yoga teacher who will work with you to develop your practice, specific to your needs and goals.

Taking Yoga back to its origins of one-to-one mentorship, guiding you towards the body, mind and emotional state you really want. One-to-one, private yoga sessions can build on the existing benefits of group classes or give you the specific support you need as a beginner.

We aim to bring about powerful personal change by focusing on the unique needs and aims of each individual student.

Would you like to experience – more energy or a different kind of energy for your day, feel an enduring calmness, a sense of balance or joy ?

This step enables you to bring a yoga practice into your daily routine.

One on One Yoga

  • Develop a personalised home Yoga practice


  • Gain the benefit of a guided private yoga lesson

One-on-one sessions enable you to learn so much more. Students often choose to meet with their yoga teacher weekly, monthly or bi-monthly to check in on how their practice is going and make any necessary adjustments, and to progress their practice. Over time your personal practice can become a natural part of your daily routine.

WHAT you will receive ?

  • A yoga practice tailored specifically for your needs and goals
  • A written copy so you can practice when and where you choose
  • Your Yoga practice is developed following a collaborative and ongoing assessment process (it is not a template practice)

Contact us directly if you have any questions and for further details


Get Started –

  • Initial Consultation (75 minutes*)
  • 2 x Private Sessions (60 minutes*)
  • A written copy of your Personal Yoga Practice

This is the most popular package to get you started it allows the teacher to get to understand your requirements, your journey, it enables you to get established in your practice and be supported while you initiate your commitment to a personal yoga practice !

*these are estimated times only, depending on the needs of the individual

One off payment- great intro package 

Must be used within 3 months

Pack of 5 Private Sessions

Priced at $105 per session

  • This package only for people who have completed the Starter Pack
  • 5 x private sessions (60 mins)

Included: ongoing mentoring sessions where necessary

This package is for those who have already had the starter pack and are ready to commit to change, knowing they’ll be fully supported. We recommend these sessions are taken every week OR second week, this is particularly important as you are establishing this into your daily life, but this is flexible to suit your needs. Must be used within 6 months.

Available to existing students – commitment is key 

Pack of 10 Private Sessions

Priced at $100 per session

  • This package only for people who have completed the Starter Pack
  • 10 x private sessions (60 mins)

This package is for those who have already had the starter pack and looking at really establishing practice with extended support. Perhaps, you are ready to change your life but find it difficult to motivate yourself and sustain this new way of being. This package also ensure your practice evolves with you over time.
Must be used within 12 months.

Available to existing students- the longer your commitment the more you will see the fruits 


Initial Consultations – $145

Ongoing Private Sessions – $110

* Health Care rebates may apply, enquire with your Health Fund

“Yoga must be made to suit each individual, not the individual to suit the yoga” – TKV Desikachar

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